Monday, May 2, 2011

The beast

Another non-cooking post, but this one is all about my kitchen. See we are renters and we moved 4 states away while I was pregnant to a house I found on craigslist with no pictures at all (the landlord doesn't own a digital camera). It is actually an awesome house on an awesome street, but it has an electric stove.

I have managed to live my whole life without having to cook on these things. Two years in and I still can't turn on the right burner. I am still constantly burning myself because the burner is only red if I have it on high, otherwise it looks innocuously cool. And my food, I can't tell you how many times I have turned the stove off only to have it be just shy, which means either super low, or more often than not, I just set my perfectly cooked spinach to high and walked away. It is only the telltale smoke and burning smell that sends me running back to the kitchen. I have vowed never again.

We did look into having a gas line run the 6 feet under the crawl space from the water heater to where the stove is, only to find out we needed city permits and all sorts of crazy that would drive the cost close to 1k, not including the cost of the gas stove that if I happened to actually be purchasing for myself would umm, be very, very expensive, did I mention we are renters. Not a home improvement I am going to pay for. We already had to convince the landlord to pay for grounded outlets so our computers didn't explode, he certainly wasn't going to spring for the gas line after that. So, please don't judge me for that crazy thing I have to cook on. I know plenty of people cook much better food on even worse.

It even looks ominous

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