Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mi cielo - chile con queso

This would absolutely be my last meal. I am originally from southern california and I lived in NYC for seven years, so by necessity I had to learn how to cook good mexican food. But there really is no comparison to this. I mastered mole, arepas, tacos, tortillas, frijoles, chile rellenos, you name it, I cook it, but these are so elusive, no matter how many times I tried I could never get them just right. It must be the fresh ocean breezes wafting in through the open air dining area. And yes I know everyone already knows about la super rica, but very few of you seem to be getting chile con queso arguably one of the best dishes on the menu, even for meat eaters. We know, we have turned many a carnivore onto these, once you have these you will understand. So if you happen to be in santa barbara, stop by the corner of milpas and alphonse and order this. Oh and their horchata is also pretty tasty.

roasted poblanos, melted cheese, just made tortillas,
and pico de gallo - my heaven on earth

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  1. Can you share your tortilla recipe. I have a press, but have not found a good recipe. AND totally ditched some friends to head out to get strawberries, I mean... see nannan. :)