Sunday, May 29, 2011

CSA week 1

I thought I would post our weekly CSA here. We had a CSA last year, but I didn't take enough pictures and now this year I don't know if it is comparable. So this is how I will document from now on. The first week was pretty good for late may in zone 5. We got to choose between things for our share. Everyone got spring onions, pea shoots, turnips, and salad greens; I chose braising greens over spinach, arugula over radishes - then I traded my arugula for a head of  bok choy, which since I was the first one there, I know was the farmers stocking the trade bin with some extras that were ready. Incentive for me to be there early all the time. My munchkins polished off half the pea shoots on the car ride home, hence the torn open bag.

Note my pretty Thai take out box

What I made: Pea shoots raw in bellies in minutes, braised turnips ala mario batali, braised greens also with the turnip greens, a nice salad, grilled the walking onions eaten straight up, and sauteed bok choy with garlic

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