Friday, August 26, 2011

The beauty

As you might have read I consider my stove to be the beast, but I consider my toaster oven to be the beauty. Now for some reason cook's illustrated panned my toaster oven, as the controls were too complex. Given that my four year old can use it without being able to read, I am not sure that is accurate. I love this thing. We ditched the microwave in favor of this convection toaster oven. It really doesn't take more than a minute or two longer to heat my leftovers and I can do all sorts of fun things, like dehydrate, convection bake frozen fried food, and like right now in the heat of summer—not turn on the oven.

I roasted leeks today for about an hour at and my kitchen wasn't hot at all. This little baby lets me beat the heat without a grill. I can't say enough about it. It did take us a bit to master the toasting only because we had to find the right rack configuration, but not only is my kitchen cool, but we are saving energy. If I need to heat up something frozen, I don't need to crank up the huge oven, I just pop it in. As a mom of three I use the timer function all the time. The timer on my oven just rings, this turns it off and given the small size, the heat drops fast, which means no more overcooking food while trying to mediate between a four year old and a six year old. Truly a good buy and I am no longer nuking my kids food.

the delonghi

Yes, I did not set the clock. I am obsessive with clocks being off in my house and every month or so I have to go around and synch them all. One less clock, one less synch.

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