Saturday, September 24, 2011

CSA week 18

Still no computer, so still no pictures. This week we all got tomatoes, sunshine squash, and garlic. I chose lettuce over arugula as I have leftover arugula still, carrots over beets, potatoes over roasted chiles as I am about to buy a half bushel to freeze, and we ended up with a handful of sweet peppers. We also got peaches and pears in our fruit share. Mmmm.

time to start storing

What I made: Peaches and pears in bellies; lettuce, arugula, and sweet pepper salad; tomato soup with garlic bread; spaghetti with pesto and spaghetti squash from last week; veggie stew with carrots, potatoes, beets and onions; and I am saving the squash for later.