Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Please excuse the hiatus

So, the other day I realized my computer ate my lovely pictures of canned whole tomatoes, the beginning of tomato jam, the beginning of black bean burgers, and a few more things I had decided to make in a two day time span. See it is September and the cool weather has me jumping into cooking projects like no tomorrow. But then alas disaster, the pictures just weren't there after downloading them. Some of them were, some of them weren't. Sigh, I will manage. 

But wait it's not over yet. Not two days later my hard drive crashes. Now my files are on their way to Alabama to be rescued. My computer is on it's way to the recycle bin, this was my third hard drive. Granted I have had the computer for almost six years, but still it is time. A new computer will be had, but I have to find one that we can afford. So for now we will take a little break. You can look forward to pickles, tomato jam, black bean veggie burgers, and whatever else I cook between now and then. Any suggestions on an awesome laptop are welcome.

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