Saturday, September 10, 2011

CSA week 16

The tomatoes are in full swing and I will be up to my ears in canning soon. I love home canned tomatoes. This week we had some choices. I chose roasted chiles over bell peppers, cherry tomatoes over green beans as I have my beans still from last week. We all got onions, regular tomatoes, arugula, a pound of cukes and/or zucchini, and we got peaches for our fruit share.

oh tomatoes, you make my heart skip a beat
What I made: Cherry tomatoes never made it out of the car, FLTs [facon, arugula, and tomato sandwiches], arugula salad, arugula on various sandwiches and burgers, zucchini muffins, roasted chiles on homemade chili, in eggs, on veggie burgers, basically everywhere. Onions went to general cooking and peaches in bellies and canned for those dark winter days. I also made pickles with the green beans from last week.

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