Tuesday, October 11, 2011

CSA week 20

It is almost over. We only have two more pickups after this, and it might snow tonight. Welcome to the high country. This week we all got spinach, butternut squash, tomatoes, shallots, and sage. I chose parsnips over broccoli, kale, or beets. I haven't had any yet this year and Julia has a great recipe for parsnips with parsley. We also got apples and pears in our fruit share.

my bounty doth not runneth over

What I made: Apples and pears in bellies, tomato melts on toast with pesto, spinach and shallots in everything, sunchokes sauteed in oil and lemon then finished with spinach and pesto, parsnips and butternut squash for later. Sage, what sage, did I ever mention that there is one spice I really don't like. You guessed it. Sage.

So sad it is ending.