Thursday, October 27, 2011

CSA week 23 (bonus round)

As I mentioned our fall has been so warm, our CSA offered an additional two weeks. We jumped on it and just to clarify, for the regular season we had a regular share, but since the farmer's market is waning and the store prices are climbing we opted for a large share for the two bonus deliveries. So not only did I get my normal stuff, I also got to add three more items. Woo hoo!

Everyone got braising greens and two acorn squashes (really? I have too much squash already). I chose bok choy over broccoli rabe, turnips over sunchokes, beets over parsnips, and leeks over lettuce or brussel sprouts, but then I got my to add my additions, so we picked brussel sprouts, parsnips, and broccoli rabe. 

the large share runneth over

What I made: Vinegar roasted brussel sprouts; apples in bellies; broccoli rabe sauteed with lemon and garlic; potatoes and onions simmered in tomatoes (all from before); asian noodles with parsnips, turnips, and bok choy; pickled beets; pasta with braising greens and tomato sauce; quinoa salad with apples, celery, and maple roasted parsnips, carrots, beets, and turnips. Leeks, squash, and a few parsnips for later.