Monday, October 17, 2011

CSA week 21

It is hard to believe there is only one more delivery left. This week we all got delicata squash, carrots, blue potatoes, a watermelon radish, and chard. I chose spinach over lettuce. We also got apples and pears in our fruit share. I also bought a keeper's box of winter veggies which included 2 bags of onions, 2 bags of potatoes, a bag of shallots, and a boatload of squash. Needless to say I have already cooked one pumpkin, used half a bag of potatoes, and at least two onions. No sense in waiting until spring to eat it.

Note on chard/greens, I always chop up the stems and saute with onions
for whatever recipe I am using the leaves in

I smell pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread
What I made: Apples and pears in bellies; chard braised in tomatoes with onions, carrots, and sweet pepper; potato salad with radish and onion; posole stew with carrots, spinach, sweet pepper, and parsnips (from last week); pumpkin bread with the sunshine pumpkins; delicata squash for later.