Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CSA week 24 (final bonus)

So this is really it. The end. Fin. Das Ende. Sadly we let the yumminess go and embrace the cold weather food. Again, I went for a large share for this bonus delivery. We chose spinach over chard, carrots over beets, and parsnips over chiles. Everyone got onions and a sunshine squash. For our large share we picked more carrots and beets. My eldest, being a boy decided for our extra squash that he had to pick the largest hubbard they had there. The thing must weigh 30lbs. We also got a lot of really yummy granny smith apples for our fruit share.

The picture does not do the hubbard justice. The box is actually kinda sitting on it.
What I made: Applesauce; apples in bellies; sauteed spinach; winter vegetable soup with parsnips, turnips (from before), carrots, celery, and squash (from before); onions and squash for later.