Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tunisian chickpea soup

This is my second favorite soup to eat in cold weather, the first being borscht(we will get to that one eventually). It is another recipe from Food and Wine that has mutated over the years. Now the original recipe did call for veal stock as I remember, but obviously that wasn't going to happen. Most of the other ingredients we kept, except that I don't used canned beans. I always make my own. When you are making the soup, it is very bland and basic, and that is on purpose. At the end you add all sorts of yummy condiments similar to pho. So don't over salt or over season the soup thinking it needs more umpf, it will get that from all the stuff you add at the end.

start with the basics

soak your beans overnight with salt

cook the beans, skimming the muck, but in this case, don't over season

hard boil some eggs

saute onions in butter and oil

add beans, veggie stock, and tumeric - that's all, and simmer for an hour, adding more water if needed

gather your condiments, chopped olives, capers, harissa, cumin, lemon, and oil

start with an egg, add generous amounts of condiments, (hold the harissa for the wee ones)

then top with the soup and serve

Definitely chickpeas showing how awesome they are.