Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CSA week 9

The height of the season is here. So many choices still, this time I had all the kids with me so it was choice by committee. Everyone got zucchini, we picked beets over carrots, kale over turnips, pickling cucumbers over slicing, onions over scallions, basil over squash blossoms, and mizuna over spicy salad which I then swapped for arugula from the swap bin.

What I made: cherries never made it out of the car, apricots in bellies, arugula/basil/pecan pesto, lacto-fermented pickles, grilled beet salad with dill and mayo, grilled onions, kale chips, sauteed zucchini with veggie sausage and pasta, and zucchini grated into veggie tacos.

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