Sunday, September 2, 2012

CSA week 15

We are headed out on a road trip and I won't be back for two weeks. My husband will actually be home, but he rarely cooks for himself other than peanut butter toast. So this week I made my choices and I got lucky with things that can be stored.

We all got potatoes, onions, carrots, and bell peppers. More peaches and plums for our fruit. I picked slicing tomatoes over cherry or zebra, italian eggplant over japanese or beets, and chiles over basil. Eldest actually picked the chiles, boy after my own heart.

What I made: carrots and plums didn't make it out of the car, onions, pototaoes, and chiles (minus one my eldest ate) for later, ancho-eggplant spread, caprese salad w/basil from my garden, bell peppers and peaches for the road trip.

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