Wednesday, August 8, 2012

CSA week 12

We are at the mid-summer lull between the burst of spring and the cooler weather crops. Right now all the winter squash and potatoes are fattening up and the tomatoes are almost ready, so today we had less, but that only means more later.

We are headed out of town for the weekend so we chose pickling cukes over zucchini, roasted chiles over new potatoes, yellow beans over green beans, and cherry tomatoes over heirlooms. Everyone got a cantaloupe and basil. We had a bag of peaches for our fruit share.

What I made: Cherry tomatoes straight into bellies, canned peaches for the winter (since we are out of town for five days), I started a batch of lacto-pickles, chiles in freezer for later, cantaloupe for breakfast, and wax beans simmered with tomatoes for dinner. I am hoping the basil will last until we are back when we should have more basil ready in our own garden to make my third batch of pesto with.

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