Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CSA week 2

Let's see, I really should post these the day I pick up my CSA. I can't remember so much what my choices were. I know I picked up bok choy in order to trade it for one of the two bags of pea shoots in the trade bin. I have about six bok choy plants in my garden about to bolt, so I don't need anymore right now. I know I picked spinach over something, everyone got radishes and lettuce and more walking onions. Oh yeah I picked broccoli rabe over russian kale. We made a yummy salad by grilling the onions, some bok choy from my garden, and the broccoli rabe, fine chopping them, then mixing it all together with a little oil, salt, and lemon juice.


What I made: Salad with pea shoots and lettuce on veggie burgers; pea shoots raw in bellies; grilled walking onions, radishes, and broccoli rabe in a cous cous salad; sauteed spinach with scapes from my garden

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