Friday, September 14, 2012

CSA week 17

Yep, week 17, we have been traveling for almost two weeks and week 16 was picked up by a friend. This week we all got onions, new potatoes, and peppers. I picked tomato seconds over slicing tomatoes, beans over broccoli, and arugula over spicy salad mix. For fruit we have apples and pears.

What I made: pears and apples in bellies, the new potatoes, beans, and arugula went into a tuna-less salad nicoise, the tomato seconds and onions were made into a hybrid tomato paste/ketchup that I froze into cubes to add to things all winter. The peppers will be grilled this weekend with some vegetables from the farmers market. Grilling season is almost over and I want to make sure we get one last round of sweet summer corn.

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