Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CSA week 21

Oh the season is winding way, way down. It doesn't help we had a six hour long hard freeze with temps in the 20s. That pretty much stops the growing season for everything but hardy greens and root vegetables. This week we all got fingerling potatoes, a butternut squash, and watermelon radishes. I picked baby chard over lettuce, cauliflower over broccoli or cabbage, and shallots over red onions. We have more apples and pears in our fruit share.

What I made: applesauce, apples and pears in bellies (I introduced eldest to pears w/peanut butter and mayo, he is a fan like mom), baby chard with quinoa and onions, roasted cauliflower and fingerling potatoes, sliced radishes with salt, shallots and butternut squash for later. I think I am storing up too much squash, I will need to cook some soon.

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