Wednesday, October 24, 2012

CSA week 23 (bonus round)

Whoops! I didn't post a recipe again. We went camping to enjoy the last warm weekend of the season and it was fun, but I didn't get to posting anything. This week I promise. I am actually going to do it right now and schedule it so I can't forget again.

For our CSA they still have crops, so they did a mini two-week CSA. We went for a large share this time since most of it will be root vegetables which I can store. In the swing of summer we just do a regular share, that way we can still go to the farmers market and buy from other farms and get things that we really love without worrying about having lots of other stuff at home.

Okay, this week with the large share we didn't have choices, we just got one of everything. We got apples and pears for fruit. We got potatoes, arugula, spinach, milan turnips, watermelon radishes, rutabagas, butternut squash, and carrots.

What I made: carrots and pears in tummies, applesauce, quick radish pickles (with radishes from last week also), rutabagas and turnips mashed with butter and salt, arugula salad and in sandwiches, sauteed spinach, then potatoes, remaining turnips, and squash for later.

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