Friday, May 24, 2013

Avocado mango salsa or salad

When avocados and mangoes are both in season I love to make this salad/salsa. It is a great on its own or as a side. It just depends on how much you make. You can use any type of chile peppers, I would recommend experimenting - half a habanero is yummy, red jalapenos make it more colorful, just use what tastes good to you. The same goes with onions, sometimes I use green onions, I prefer red onions, but sometimes all I have in the house is the workhorse yellow.

avocado, mango, onion, serrano, lime, salt (cilantro is optional)

mince your onions and chiles

peel and score your mango for easy cutting

don't peel but score your avocado for easy cutting

just gently squeeze the avocado out of the shell

add salt

and lime to taste and mix - add cilantro here if using

and enjoy as part of a healthy taco night

Mangoes and avocados best friends forever!

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